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  • KWD-3000 Automotive Air Conditioning Compressor Parts Cleaning Machine

KWD-3000 Automotive Air Conditioning Compressor Parts Cleaning Machine

Product category:Precision hardware cleaning equipment

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Product function:

With the same workstation, the production rhythm is very fast (it can satisfy the production rhythm of one workpiece in 6 seconds). It adopts advanced Japanese technology and cleaning technology with perfect function and high automation without manual intervention (the input and output materials can be connected with the external production line).

Equipped with oil-water separator, bag filter and advanced water treatment technology, the discharge amount is very low and fully meets the discharge standard, and equipped with a good defogging device to prevent the generation of water mist.

Perfect liquid feeding system, automatic quantitative replenishment of cleaning liquid level

Intelligent control of feeding and discharging grating switch

Constant temperature and hot air drying system

Acousto-optic warning function of overload protection

24-hour intelligent memory control can count products

New pneumatic manipulator, high degree of automation.

It is suitable for cleaning and drying of compressor fittings and other automobile fittings of automobile air conditioner.

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